1: "Schnitzel with German potato salad, a classic and satisfying meal."

2: "Sauerbraten with red cabbage, a flavorful and hearty dish."

3: "Currywurst with fries, a popular street food favorite in Germany."

4: "Bratwurst in a bun with mustard, a simple yet delicious option."

5: "Käsespätzle with crispy onions, a cheesy and comforting choice."

6: "Rouladen with gravy and mashed potatoes, a savory and filling dish."

7: "Maultaschen in broth, a traditional German dumpling soup."

8: "Hackbraten with green beans, a flavorful meatloaf dish."

9: "Kartoffelsuppe with crusty bread, a creamy and satisfying potato soup."

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