1: Tony and Ziva's Spinoff Announcement Paramount shakes up NCIS universe with Tony and Ziva's spinoff in March 2024.

2: New Characters Introduced Exciting new characters make their debut in the Tony and Ziva spinoff series.

3: Crossover Episodes Planned Get ready for epic crossover episodes between NCIS and Tony and Ziva's spinoff.

4: Impact on NCIS Storylines Discover how Tony and Ziva's spinoff will influence future NCIS storylines.

5: Fan Reactions Fans share their thoughts and reactions to the Tony and Ziva spinoff announcement.

6: Behind-the-Scenes Scoop Go behind the scenes of the Tony and Ziva spinoff series and learn insider details.

7: Cross-Platform Promotion Paramount boosts excitement with cross-platform promotions for Tony and Ziva's spinoff.

8: Spinoff Premiere Date Revealed Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated premiere of Tony and Ziva's spinoff in March 2024.

9: NCIS Universe Expansion The NCIS universe expands with Tony and Ziva's spinoff, promising new adventures and surprises.

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