1: "Galaxy S25 rumors suggest a larger 6.36-inch display for next-gen smartphone."

2: "Get ready for an immersive viewing experience on the upcoming Galaxy S25."

3: "Leaked info hints at a bigger display that will wow Samsung fans."

4: "Experience stunning visuals with the rumored 6.36-inch screen on the Galaxy S25."

5: "Exciting updates on the Galaxy S25 display size have tech enthusiasts buzzing."

6: "Rumors point to a significant increase in screen size for the Galaxy S25."

7: "Prepare for a bigger and better display on the highly anticipated Galaxy S25."

8: "The Galaxy S25 could revolutionize smartphone displays with its rumored 6.36-inch screen."

9: "Stay tuned for more details on the Galaxy S25's impressive 6.36-inch display."

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