1: WWE legend Booker T reveals the reason behind pushing John Cena in the ring.

2: Booker T discusses John Cena's work ethic and impact on the wrestling industry.

3: Learn how Booker T's endorsement helped elevate John Cena to superstar status.

4: Booker T details the match that solidified John Cena as a top star in WWE.

5: Discover the backstage stories of Booker T and John Cena's interactions.

6: Find out why Booker T believes John Cena became the face of WWE.

7: Booker T explains the significance of his rivalry with John Cena.

8: Explore the influence of Booker T and John Cena's partnership on WWE history.

9: Get a unique perspective on John Cena's rise from WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

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